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Leadership Craven

Leadership Craven was founded in 1991 by the New Bern Area Chamber of Commerce. It is designed to provide a forum for shared viewpoints on future needs of Craven County, involving a diverse group of young potential leaders (community college level). The mission of Leadership Craven is to develop a new generation of leadership to take Craven County into the 21st century and beyond. In October 2004 we took 26 Leadership Craven group members out on the RV Humphries for a day-long water quality informational trip. The young professionals were given detailed information on the water quality of the Neuse Estuary. Working with the Neuse River Foundation and the NC Dept. of Environment and Natural Resources’ Fish Kill Rapid Response Team, we described ongoing monitoring and research efforts and demonstrated how to take water samples and to use hydrological probes. The young professionals were very interested and concerned about environmental issues related to the Neuse and how to best protect the watershed, and asked many excellent questions.